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Last week, NPHET members outnumbered covid hospital patients

As the government discusses delaying re-opening, there were literally more expert members of NPHET than there were patients in hospital with covid-19 last week.

As of Friday the 25th, there were 36 patients in Irish hospitals with Covid-19 according to HSE chief Paul Reid. Additionally, only 13 of these were in ICU.

By comparison, there were 38 expert members of NPHET, meaning top level health professionals advising on the lockdown actually outnumber covid patients at this point.

Despite this extreme drop in covid hospitalisations, both NPHET and the government continue to worry about the Delta variant, with the opening of indoor dining likely to be postponed.

One senior minister admitted the country is “drifting towards not reopening.”

Immunologist Professor Cliona O’Farrelly made headlines over the weekend when she said that 80% of the adult population should be fully vaccinated before any further re-opening of the economy should take place.

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