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Judge: Dublin city becoming “increasingly dangerous”

Judge Melanie Greally has said that Dublin city centre is becoming a “increasingly dangerous” place at night.

“Unfortunately this is becoming a fact of life and Dublin city centre is becoming an increasingly dangerous place in which to circulate, particularly in the early hours of the night,” she said.

The comments were made as she sentenced a 22-year-old man who, five years ago, with group of four friends, violently beat up two Brazilian men in an unprovoked attack. Reportedly, the men had “looked at him the wrong way and started sniggering.”

Then, in the “heat of the moment,” the assailant got four of his friends and began to beat up the Brazilians by a Luas line. The group of attackers included two men in their 20s.

The man, who had previous convictions, admitted to Gardaí that he had been drinking and admitted to punching and kicking one of the victims, pleading guilty to violent disorder last year.

One Brazilian man was so badly shaken by the attack, that he decided that Ireland was no longer safe and left the country the same year.

The attacker was given a three year prison sentence. However, it was then suspended on the condition of good behaviour, as most of his prior convictions had taken place when he was a juvenile and there were no significant offences since the assault.

Two other men involved in the group assault received suspended sentences also.


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