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Irish Muslim Council says gender ideology “not appropriate” for primary school kids

The Irish Muslim Council has expressed its support for the Catholic Primary Schools Management Association’s position on the teaching of gender ideology after the CPSMA sent a strongly worded letter to the Government minister outlining its concerns. 

In a press release the IMC said it “supports the position of the The Catholic Primary Schools Management Association about the teaching of gender identity issues in primary schools”. 



It also stated that it”believes it is not appropriate to teach primary school children such a complex and contested topic, particularly when there is a lock of scientific consensus about the back way to test children with gender dysphoria.” 

The IMC says that while it “believes every child in primary school should be supported, respected and treated with consideration” it is “unacceptable to teach children about gender identity under the pretext of teaching them about diversity”. 

The statement includes a quote from chair of the IMC,   Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, who suggested that Taoiseach Leo Varadkar  focus on “solving the health crisis” and “the housing crisis” as well as the “many other challenges” Ireland is facing. 

While acknowledging that the number of children “questioning their gender identity” is increasing the IMC highlighted the increasing number of “detransitioners who regret steps they took to socially, medically, and surgically transition”. 

It says that “the topic of gender identity should be dealt with the utmost caution, particularly when it come to children.” and that it believes that it is “not appropriate to cover this topic in primary schools”. 

On Monday the Catholic Primary Schools Management Association (CPSMA) wrote to the Government to express their reluctance to teach young children about transgender ideology. 

In the letter the CPSMA said that to teach young children gender ideology “might add to a growing psychological contagion amongst young and vulnerable children.” 

The group encouraged ministers to instead develop a “more prudent and sensible policy” of teaching children how “to respect every human being.”

The letter cited a lack of scientific consensus on the transgender issue saying “We should not prematurely introduce children to complex and sensitive topics around which there is no scientific or medical consensus.”

It said the proposed curriculum reform would mean teaching “what it means to be transgender” and  would require teaching something “about which there is neither a scientific nor social consensus to highly impressionable young children”.

Such a move, they said,  “would be counterproductive, generating unnecessary divisions in school communities where none now exists.” 


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