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Irish alleged ISIS bride Lisa Smith out on bail, fighting to acquire British citizenship

Former Irish soldier Lisa Smith, who has been charged with ISIS terrorism and the financing of terrorism, is out on bail in the Republic of Ireland and attempting to acquire British citizenship despite being banned from the UK.

According to the Irish Examiner, Smith (38) is barred from entering the UK on the grounds of “public policy, public security or public health…prohibiting that person from entering the United Kingdom”. This is linked to accusations of terorrism and funding terrorist activities.

However, Smith’s lawyer has argued to the UK’s appeals commission that the British government should not refuse Smith citizenship on the grounds that her father is British. According to Foxhole News, Smith did not receive automatic citizenship because she was born out of wedlock.

“[Smith’s] liability to be excluded from the United Kingdom is therefore based solely on the accident of birth outside wedlock for which [she] is not responsible,” her lawyer argued. “Her ability to move across the border is part of her social identity.”

Smith’s father lives in Northern Ireland, and reportedly she would like to visit him.

Smith returned to Ireland from Syria in the latter half of 2019 after four years in the war-torn country. Upon arrival she was charged with being a member of a terrorist group, namely ISIS, and also financing terrorism, having reportedly sent €800 to a man engaged in terror activities in 2015.

She also allegedly trained ISIS recruits and fought for the militant Islamist group – charges which she denies.

Smith was previously a member of the Irish Defence Forces, and received military training from the Irish state, serving on the Taoiseach’s plane during the Bertie Ahern era.

Her trial, which is expected to go on for 12 weeks, was adjourned in April of 2020 due to covid-19 disruptions, and will not resume until January of 2022. She is currently out on continuous bail.

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