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Ireland’s death rate in April is lower than two years ago

Despite what we are being told by the national broadcaster, RTE TV, and others, it would appear there have been far fewer Corona flu deaths than we have been led to believe- perhaps less than 200.

According to the General Register’s Office which records all deaths in Ireland:

“During April 2020, there were 2,689 deaths registered in Ireland. During April 2019, there were 2,599 deaths registered. During April 2018, there were 2,940 deaths registered.”

Hardly much of a difference from one year to another; a curious thing, considering there was meant to have been an avalanche of deaths in April.

According to the health authorities, as of April 30th there were 1,232 notified deaths due to Corona. The implication being, that an extra 1,232 people have died on top of all the other deaths that would
normally occur anyhow.

Which means- there should have been a significant increase in registered deaths for the month of April. In stark contrast, there were far more deaths two years ago-251 more. The death rate for March this year is also lower than last year.,

Although deaths can be registered up to three months after a person dies; according to the Central Statistics Office fifty percent of deaths are registered within 18 days.

The General Register’s Office figures for May are also an eye-opener. There were 3,168 registered deaths in May, which is an increase of 325 on the previous year (May 2019), when 2,843 deaths were registered.

Registered death numbers can bob up and down by 100 a month from year to year; which would mean there have been about 225 extra deaths in Ireland. Which is hardly a pandemic of 1,695 Corona deaths which we keep hearing about?

Although there has been much speculation about the RIP.IE figures for April 2020 which show an additional 1,087 listed funerals over the previous year; the General Register’s Office figures tend to be more final due to the legal requirements around registering deaths.

On average there is about 600 funerals in Ireland every week- flu or no flu. Officially there have been 1,695 Corona fatalities to date. The average age of the reported Corona case mortalities was 83, and in 88% of cases the deceased had one or more comorbidities i.e. diseases

However, it is hard to escape the conclusion that a large number of deaths -deaths that would have occurred anyway- were rubber stamped as Corona fatalities.

The smoking gun is two documents: one from Ireland’s national health service, the HSE, and another from the WHO.

The HSE sent a memorandum to GP’s on March 21st instructing them not to seek tests for elderly people in homes and to assume that “if one resident at the nursing home had Covid-19 (Corona), they all have it.”

To add to the confusion, the WHO issued guidelines on January 30th 2020 which stated:

“A death due to Covid-19 may not be attributed to another disease (e.g. cancer) and should be counted independently of pre-existing conditions that are suspected of triggering a severe case of Covid-19.”

Doctors were effectively instructed to ignore reality. How can a medic decide what was the cause of death when known life threatening conditions such as heart disease, cancer etc are off-limits?

Instead, doctors were asked to take a guess on a totally new virus that did not exist several months ago, and, no autopsy to prove otherwise.

And as The Irish Times headline reported on May 11:

“Autopsies done on just 5 confirmed cases of Covid-19 fatalities.”

The Irish health authorities, Government and media -acting in unison- have promoted Corona as the worst flu to ever hit the country.  This is clearly untrue.

In early January 2018, the country was hit by “Aussie” flu. The January 1st 2018 Irish Independent headline warned:

“Experts warn Ireland could be facing the deadliest outbreak of flu in 50 years.”

In the first week of 2018 over 20,000 were struck down by the virus and a staggering 4,700 people turned up in GP’s surgeries. Over 2,700 were admitted to hospitals

Despite the ferocity of the flu -which lasted for almost ten weeks- the numbers of fatalities were quite low.

In the Central Statistics Office VITAL STATISTICS QUARTER 1 2018 report they note:

“Deaths are up by 211 compared to the same period in 2017.”

The Central Statistics Office went on to add: “There were 9,278 deaths registered in quarter 1 2018. The quarter 1 2018 total is 2.3% more than in the corresponding quarter in 2017 when 9,067 deaths were registered.”

In stark contrast, Corona lasted four weeks in April 2020 from beginning to end.

Fortunately, Corona appears to be quite harmless to the vast majority of people; a fact confirmed by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

The USA Centre for Disease Control have added their weight by confirming that Corona has a fatality rate of 0.26%, making it no more deadly than a bad bout of seasonal flu. In other words, 99.74% of people make a full recovery.



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