Investigation Launched After 2,000 Migrants Descend on a Popular Italian Getaway Area

Up to 2,000 predominantly migrant youths invaded a scenic Italian town close to popular tourist destination, Lake Garda earlier this month. 

The Italian Parliament has launched an investigation after the mob, which reportedly comprised largely of African migrants, went on a reign of terror in Peschiera as part of an event called ‘Peschiera è Africa’, or Peschiera for Africa,  that has reportedly grown in numbers over several years.

Footage capturing scenes from the riots shows hoards of young men jumping on cars, hanging off the side of trams, and assaulting locals; a woman on a moped can be seen desperately trying to hang onto her handbag as it is pulled from her grip.

Members of the cohort could reportedly be heard shouting “We came to reconquer Peschiera, this is our territory, Africa must come here!” While holding aloft the flags of various African nations including Morocco.

Remix news reports a local business owner and eyewitness as saying “They destroyed everything,” Adding, “They broke shop windows, stormed the tourist train, and blocked passers-by on foot or by moped.”

The mob reportedly clashed with riot police by throwing stones at them.

The mayor of the region Orietta Gaiulli is quoted as saying, “I don’t know if they were first- or second-generation immigrants” adding, “They are just…. criminals who have left a deep wound in my community. We lived a day of war.”


The mayor  said she felt “abandoned” by the regional administration after seeking intervention to stop the escalation of the event, saying “the first year there were 200, the year after, 500, and yesterday 2000.”

Italian authorities have also launched and investigation into 30 migrant men after 6 teenage girls were sexually assaulted on a train from Lake Garda to Milan. The European Conservative reports one of the victims, who were about 16 -17 of years of age as saying “We were surrounded. The heat was suffocating, and some of us fainted,”.


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