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Government Waking Up to Fact that Asylum System is Broken

They caused it.

It would appear that the Irish government is starting to wake up from their fever dream of inviting unlimited numbers of migrants – from practically anywhere – to move to our modestly sized semi-detached waterfront island. 

They have advertised our homeland in a similar way to estate agents desperate to sell off  a property, greatly exaggerating its scale and amenities beyond reality. . 

Indeed Minister Roderic O’Gorman promised  people free houses – ‘own door accommodation’  – within months of arriving on our shores in the government’s so-called ‘white paper’ plan to ‘end direct provision. 

As Gript – and a huge number of Irish people who aren’t members of the political and media establishment – has been saying ad nauseum Ireland simply cannot accommodate tens of thousands of people. 

Needless to say – here comes the giant elephant in the room – our preexisting housing crisis is a constant source of woe for thousands of our own, with approximately 60,000 people being forced to wait in many cases 10 years to even have a material chance of obtaining a council house. 

It has recently been reported that as many as 290,000 Irish people are living as ‘invisible homeless’ that are forced to resort to sleeping on a friend’s sofa etc. 

The Simon community says “about 290,000 adults have experienced hidden homelessness in the past 12 months – where people stay with family or friends, couch surf or live in unsuitable overcrowded accommodation.” 

Despite all this Helen McEntee, Roderic O’Gorman, and the nodding dogs of Leinster House continue to hitch a ride on the back of the EU’s disastrous open border anti-national sovereignty policies. 

Italy and Sweden have recently said ‘no more’. Denmark copped onto the fact that borders were useful things years ago. But even as recently as the end of 2021, we had our Ministers  telling everyone to head for this small island and get lots of nice free stuff. 

Yesterday RT​​É  reported, The Government has admitted that Ireland’s target for refugee resettlement under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme, may be challenged due to a lack of suitable accommodation”. 

The numbers and origin of the “270 programme refugees who are Syrians from Jordan” they say  had been “expected to travel this year but are now not expected to arrive until the first six months of 2023.” this writer feels, does not reflect an accurate picture of many of the  people coming to Ireland claiming asylum. 

Gript investigations have revealed that apart from the 60,000 Ukrainians – a number predicted by the end of this year- there are huge numbers claiming asylum in Ireland from countries where there is no ongoing conflict – or nothing to seek asylum from. 

“According to the latest statistics published by the International Protection Office in Dublin, the number of people who have applied for asylum in the state between January 1 and July 31 was 7,760.  That represents an increase of almost 800% on the same period for 2021. It is already almost three times the total number for 2021, and compares to 1,566 for 2020.” 

Thousands of economic migrants flock to Ireland from Georgia claiming asylum status as Dr. Matt Tracey revealed

The Central Criminal Court heard how the number of Georgian nationals arriving illegally to Ireland ‘skyrocketed’ between 2017 and 2020. This information was revealed in the case of Ethan Zeitman (46) and Levani Shavgulidze (24) – two Georgian nationals who provided illegal immigrants with fake documents.

It was also reported that Shavgulidze was claiming covid unemployment benefits. 

Gript has also reported, “The breakdown of country of origin for people who have applied for and been granted protection confirms the trend we have previously referred to; namely, that the bulk of applicants are coming to Ireland from countries in which there are no wars or other human rights emergencies that would normally justify the granting of asylum.“

“Of the top ten countries of origin to the end of June, just under 70% claimed to have travelled to Ireland – which is in any event impossible in most cases without transiting another country where protection might be applied for – from countries, such as Georgia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Algeria and Nigeria, where there are no crises that would justify this level of asylum seeking. This is confirmed by international statistics on asylum and international protection orders.” 

Between 7 February – 7 August 2022 the Irish government operated a scheme to help undocumented migrants get “unrestricted access to the labour market” and offer them “a pathway to Irish citizenship”. 

According to the EU the decision “to include asylum seekers alongside undocumented migrants in the new regularisation programme” was made  following  “recommendation by a 2019 expert advisory group.” 

Ben Scallan recently interviewed an Egyptian national who admitted to coming to Ireland after 15 years ‘working on the black market’ in the UK because he heard our minister for justice would give ‘everyone a visa as an asylum seeker’. 

Asylum seeker came from UK when he heard about McEntee’s visa policy | Gript

Gript had previously interviewed migrants housed in Harry’s Hotel in Kinnegad to openly admitted to purchasing Bulgarian passports for 4,000 in Spain. 

Asked why he came to Ireland the man replied ​​ ‘it can be difficult to get accommodation as an asylum seeker in Spain’ . 

“Some people told me that Ireland is better in this way, and I heard that Ireland is a good place,” he said. 

The mess is further exemplified by revelation that “thousands” of non nationals travelling to Ireland are “losing or destroying passports before reaching immigration control”. 

As someone who has travelled and lived in foreign countries this situation simply beggars belief. If I had ‘lost’ or ‘destroyed’ my documents on arrival in Japan, for example, there is little doubt in my mind that I would have been arrested and held until the next available flight back where I came from – and rightly so. 

Earlier this year RTÉ reported that undocumented migrants are “​​more likely to face material deprivation and are more vulnerable to exploitation and crime” according to research carried out by ​the European Migration Network (EMN) and the Economic Social Research Institute (ESRI). 

“In 2020 the NGO, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, estimated that there were 17,000 – 20,000 undocumented persons in the State” it says – the true number is likely higher than this. 

At this point it may be worth asking if our government’s policy is encouraging this behaviour. I’d say the answer is obvious. 

After all, who wouldn’t at least consider taking up the offer of a free house, free health care, free education, a free ‘new life’ in a wealthy Western European country.

The cruelty of these empty promises made by our government is not lost on me. 


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