Germany: Wind Turbines to be Removed to Expand Coal Mining

Moves to expand coal mining amid energy crisis.

Operators of a coal mine in Germany will dismantle nearby wind turbines in order to pursue mining of the fossil fuel. 

Germany’s cabinet approved the decision made by energy giant RWE  in order to boost national energy production in the country amid the current energy crisis and fallout of the ongoing Russia – Ukraine conflict. 

RWE spokesperson Guido Steffen commented in a statement that, “We realize this comes across as paradoxical, but that is as matters stand.” 

The Keyenberg wind farm is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia area, with the decision reportedly being slammed by climate activists. 

Balkan Green Energy news decried the move saying, “The court in the German town of Münster ruled this year in favor of expanding the mine. Climate activists opposed to the plans called the decision cynical and hypocritical.”

However the report also states that, “The court found that no alternative surface mines would meet the necessary demand for lignite”

Continuing that, “Security of supply is currently the priority while “climate protection remains one of the key challenges of our time,”. 

Rebel news reported, “RWE will also reactivate three lignite-fired coal units that were on standby.”

“The three lignite units each have a capacity of 300 megawatts (MW). With their deployment, they contribute to strengthening the security of supply in Germany during the energy crisis and to saving natural gas in electricity generation,” RWE stated in September. 

“Originally, it was planned that the three reserve power plant units affected would be permanently shut down on September 30, 2022, and September 30, 2023, respectively.”

As Gript previously reported the Bundestag agreed to lifting restrictions on German coal extracting after Green policies had led to the closure of mines in the country. 


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