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George Hook’s comment on Paul Murphy’s home protest gets a big reaction

George Hook’s response to Paul Murphy TD’s tweet about protests at his home, recalling the time Joan Burton was trapped in her car, has provoked significant comment on social media.

The home of the People Before Profit TD was protested this week by a group carrying placards saying ‘Concerned communities say No’ and ‘Irish Lives Matter’.

Deputy Murphy’s partner, Jess Spear has said that she found the protest “upsetting and scary”.

The Dublin South West TD posted a photo on twitter saying that they were getting ready to give their baby a bath when the protest arrived.

While commentators described the protesters as ‘far right’, the purpose of the protest, Ms Spear said, was unclear.
In response to the tweet, former broadcaster, George Hook, raised another infamous protest – but one that Paul Murphy had taken part in and which was also widely condemned.

“Must be really tough. Imagine how Joan Burton felt?” Hook wrote.

Hook was referring to the Paul Murphy’s part in a 2014 water charges protest in Jobstown where Joan Burton was surrounded and trapped in her car for hours .

Murphy was arrested and charged with alleged false imprisonment but the charges were later dropped.

Some agreed with Hook’s comment.

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