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French Uber Eats & Deliveroo vow not to hire illegal migrants

Food delivery companies in France have signed a pledge not to hire illegal immigrants after the French government raised the issue.

Companies such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Frichti have signed up to a charter designed to prevent the subcontracting of work to individuals using false identities and illegal immigrants.
Uber Eats claims that it already deletes as many as 300 fake accounts per month out of its roughly 50,000 drivers in France.

It’s been known that many illegal migrants have been involved in the food delivery industry for years. According to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the majority of delivery drivers in Brussels are “undocumented” workers.

As reported by Le Figaro, the companies will do monthly checks on their delivery drivers to ensure they are who they say they are, asking them to regularly present pieces of valid identification.

Additionally, drivers will be made to take weekly selfies to prove it is them who is doing the work.

According to the French Ministry of Labour, hundreds of accounts run by illegal migrants have been discovered and deactivated since the government raised this as an issue.

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