EU investigating new possible side-effects of Pfizer, Moderna jabs

A skin rash, as well as multiple kidney disorders are being investigated by the European Medicines Agency as potential side-effects of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs.

The EMA’s safety committee is now studying whether or not these conditions may be side-effects of the jabs.

To date, 330 million Pfizer-BioNTech doses and 43.5 million Moderna jabs have been administered across the EU.

While the EMA has not said how many cases of these potential conditions were identified, it did say that it has contacted the companies for further info.

According to Reuters, neither Pfizer nor Moderna immediately replied to requests for comment. Since the development, BioNTech’s US-listed shares fell 14.4%, while Pfizer’s fell by nearly 4%. Moderna took the biggest plunge, falling by about 16%.

One of the conditions under scrutiny is erythema multiforme – a type of mild rash and allergic skin reaction that is usually mild and goes away after a few weeks. It can be triggered by an infection or by certain medicines, and is usually not dangerous (although there is a very rare severe form which can be life-threatening, known as erythema multiforme major). It can be contracted at any age, but typically affects people under 40.

Other potential symptoms being investigated include glomerulonephritis, or kidney inflammation, and nephrotic syndrome.

Symptoms of inflammation can include acute kidney failure, which may require an artificial kidney machine to remove excess fluids and waste from the blood, as well as high blood pressure and visible swelling.

Nephrotic syndrome can lead to decreased protein in the blood, and can be associated with high blood cholesterol and swelling of the eyelids, feet and abdomen.

Last month, the EMA discovered a potential link between an extremely rare instance of heart inflammation and the mRNA jabs (though they stressed that the benefits of these vaccines far out-weighed the risks).

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