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Dutch Prime Minister Pledges €200million in Reperations for Slavery 

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said The Netherlands will pay hundreds of millions of euros in reparations for the country’s historic role in the slave trade. 

GBNews reports Rutte as saying a visit to the former Dutch colony of Suriname “really changed his mind”. The region was held by the Dutch until 1954. 

The Prime Minister continued saying that the subject is something people of the The Netherlands “really need to talk about”, adding, “Even though no one lives from that time anymore, that has really changed for me.”

The Dutch Governemt is expected to issue an official apology for its role in the slave trade 150 years after it was abolished. 

Bloomberg reports “Although countries such as Germany and the UK have made payments for violently putting down rebellions in Namibia and Kenya respectively, the Netherlands would be among the first on the continent to set aside money as an apology for slavery.” 

He said he mind had been changed on the subject of slavery “partly because of the whole discussion that has arisen around the Black Lives Matter movement”.

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