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DiCaprio rides polluting superyacht after starring in climate film

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has come under fire after being photographed on an environmentally questionable superyacht after making a name for himself in the world of climate activism.

According to the Mirror, the Titanic star was spotted on a €131.8m, 92 meter Vava II superyacht, which is believed to produce around 238kg of carbon dioxide per mile – the same amount as an average car would produce in two months.

The six deck yacht sports its own helipad, and costs a jaw-dropping €300,000 to refuel.

The controversy comes just after DiCaprio’s leading role in the recent Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up” – a comedy about an asteroid heading for earth, but which the film’s creators say is a metaphor for climate change.

DiCaprio has been given the ceremonial role of UN Climate Change Ambassador due to his outspoken calls to deal with the issue, even calling it “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

Among DiCaprio’s critics was Darren Grimes of the UK’s GB News.

“Here’s UN Climate Change ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio aboard a 315ft, £110 million superyacht, complete with a helipad and six decks that spew out as much as your average car does in a year by sailing as little as 7 miles,” said Grimes.

“Remember that as you watch his climate catastrophe movie.”

He added: “If you genuinely believed, as DiCaprio professes to do so, that the world is about to end in apocalyptic climate change, you would surely do everything in your power to ensure a beast like this doesn’t take to the high seas. You wouldn’t sun yourself on a fuel guzzler like this.”

Additionally, the Mail on Sunday’s Abul Taher branded DiCaprio an “eco hypocrite,” writing:

“He is a celebrity UN climate change ambassador who has called the issue ‘the most urgent threat facing our entire species’. But while he urges fans to take action, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spending time on one of the world’s biggest, and most environmentally unfriendly, superyachts.”

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