Dear EU, No I’m not working for free for the rest of the year….

EU claims women are working for free

Yesterday was the ‘Equal Pay Day’ landmark when, according to the EU, women started ‘working for free’ for the rest of the year. 

I can hear you scratching your head from here, so allow me to explain what this claim is means 

The usual suspects are claiming that in 2022 women still earn significantly less than men, and of course this is a sign that the evil patriarchy are still holding their secret meetings where they decide on creative ways to keep us gals oppressed. 

This means that the ‘missing pay’ is equatable to women working for free for the remainder of 2022. 

Anyone who has had the good sense to question the narrative around the ‘gender pay gap’ will know that it has been illegal to pay a woman less than a man for doing the same work since the 1960s. 

That fact didn’t stop An Post from last year proudly announcing that they had reduced their ‘gender pay gap to zero’ – a confusing statement unless of course the national postal service has been paying women less than men over the decades since it became illegal. 

Alas it seems that ‘pay’ and ‘earnings’ are being conflated in much the same way as ‘equality’ and ‘sameness’ are when it comes to gender equality. 

One reason women take home on average less money than men is not because of misogyny but because we tend to take up occupations that pay less in the first place. 

Adding up the total earnings and simply splitting it between men and women does nothing to reflect the complexities of a mixed gender workforce, and differences in the kinds of careers women and men are prone to pursue. 

The notion that pay based gender discrimination is an ongoing issue in the west is so disingenuous, that having a body like the European Union spreading the narrative is rather disturbing from an integrity perspective.  

The EU saying things like ,“In 2021 women earned 13% less than their male colleagues” does nothing to factor in details like how many hours women worked or how many days were taken off by female workers in comparison to their male counterparts. 

After all, how can a company, at which you can always be replaced, care about you more than your own flesh and blood can?  

Prof. Jordan B Peterson has spoken at length about the confusion surrounding this contentious issue, and despite the ire of his detractors, Peterson is a PhD in clinical psychology with decades of experience in studying human behaviour. 

The biggest differences in the world between male and female temperament can be observed in Scandinavia – a part of the world which is frequently cited as perhaps the most progressive on earth in terms of removing barriers to women pursuing any career they could conceivably choose. 

He is noted as illustrating this point saying, “The more egalitarian your state, the bigger the differences in personality between men and women”. 

An inconvenient truth for many on the woke left is that us women rather enjoy things like having children and raising them. Although the pursuit of a career – by the way, I have one – is indeed fulfilling in itself, for many women it doesn’t come close to the joy of investing in time spent with one’s children. 

After all, how can a company, at which you can always be replaced, care about you more than your own flesh and blood can?  

Many feminists might disagree, but raising the next generation to be physically and mentally healthy is the most important job in the world. If women want to prioritise this over career, then so be it. 

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