“Dangerous” transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian may be moved from women’s prison

Reports suggest that plans are being formulated to move transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian from Limerick women’s prison.

According to The Sunday World, the biological male (one of two currently held in Limerick women’s prison) is a cause of “growing safety fears” among staff at the facility. 

A source reportedly told The Sunday World that Kardashian – born Gabrielle Alejandro Gentile – is believed to be “very dangerous”, and has to be accompanied at all times by prison staff due to ‘credible threats of violence’ he has made against women. 

Kardashian is “deemed very dangerous” and “requires a number” of prison staff to open  his cell and “accompany” him anywhere he goes.

There appears to be fear among prison staff that the 21 year old, who is understood not to have undergone any ‘gender transition’ treatments, will follow through on threats to do harm. 

In March this year Kardashian was sentenced at Limerick Circuit Criminal Court to five and a half years in prison with the final twelve months suspended for threatening to kill his mother.

Sentencing Judge Tom O’Donnell reportedly said the case was, “one of the most complex cases” of his career. 

Although biologically male, Kardashian was granted a gender recognition certificate in 2020 meaning that under Irish law he is legally recognised as a woman. 

It was reported that he is being housed in a separate unit of the women’s prison alongside another biological male who identifies as a woman and two women who are serving sentences for ‘child murder’. 

Kardashian, who has a history of making threats and violent attacks on women, had planned to rape and torture his mother with a screwdriver, knife, and boiling water until he was satisfied that she had ‘bled out’ that she ‘no longer had a pulse’.  


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