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Councillor slammed for calling religious procession ‘far right’ 

Some of the left in Ireland can see the ‘far right’ everywhere, it seems: it’s their very own conspiracy theory, fueled by a mixture of paranoia,  intolerance of anyone with a different opinion, and a strong dislike of religion. 

All these elements seemed to coalesce perfectly in this stupid-but-nasty tweet from Councillor Anthony Flynn who filmed some perfectly harmless people having a small religious procession in the city centre.

“All went well at National bring your statue on a walk day yesterday,” he sneered, displaying the kind of snide hostility that is specially reserved for Catholics. (It’s unlikely Cllr Flynn would have the cajones to say something similar about the Prophet Muhammad).

He then added that the procession was “sponsored by the #FarRight”. It must have been the rosary beads that gave it away, or the dangerous radicals cunningly disguised as small children and older ladies with prayer cards.

The tweet was slammed by social media commentators across the political spectrum, including supporters of the Councillor’s work.

Cllr Flynn was reminded of the guidelines pertaining to Peace Commissioners in relation to social media use, which include a requirement to be respectful of religions.

And also reminded of his own breach of the Covid-19 restrictions when he was snapped drinking with 11 pals last summer.


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