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Cost of charging electric car to rise 67%

Diesel cheaper

Charging electric vehicles will now be as expensive as driving with diesel after a price rise of 67% is to be imposed  – despite falling wholesale electricity prices.

ESB eCars has told customers that from December 20th the cost of charging an electric vehicle at one of its charge points will rise by up two-thirds, even though the cost had already risen by 47% in May.

Until now, a major selling point for electric vehicles, which are generally more expensive to purchase, was that they used to be cheaper to run than petrol or diesel equivalents.

But now the surge in price will mean that for the first time it will be cheaper in some cases to drive a petrol or diesel car.

ESB eCars said the price for “standard” or slow, roadside charging – which can take eight to ten hours – would rise from 33.6 cent per kWh to 56.3 cent per kWh, a rise of 23 cent per kWh.

For fast-charging – which sees a vehicle being 80% charged in about 40 minutes – the cost will rise from 39.4 cent per kWh to 64.7 cent per kWh – an increase of almost 64%.

However, rapid charger services will see a rise from 46.1 cent per kWh to 61. 7 cents per kWh, up some 34%.

The bad news for electric car owners comes even as wholesale electricity prices are falling, having dropped to their lowest level in 14 months in October according to the Central Statistics Office

Meanwhile, the AA reported that average diesel prices had fallen below €2 a litre – while the average price of a litre of petrol has fallen to €1.77

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