Cork politician refuses to apologize for calling for vetting of Afghan refugees

An independent Cork City councillor has refused to apologise for calling for “checks and balances” on Afghan refugees, dismissing those criticising him as “snowflakes.”

Cllr. Ken O’Flynn made the initial remarks on Tuesday after posting a photograph of a plane filled with Afghan men, which he called “a flight coming in from Afghanistan.”

“Not one woman, not one child, just men,” he wrote.

“Checks and balances need to be put in place to ensure that these people coming in are genuine, and not the brainwashed who have lived under Sharia Law.”

While it was later found that this photo was old, having been taken in 2018, O’Flynn said that his inclusion of the old picture was an “honest mistake,” but that he stood by the associated remarks.

Notably, photos of the current crisis do show a vastly disproportionate number of men fleeing the country than women and children, as has been admitted by numerous media outlets.

“I find it sad and depressing that the snowflakes of society have decided to call me a racist,” said O’Flynn.

“You can’t say anything today without being accused of something. If you look at my post, there is no mention of race, no mention of coming into Ireland. I will continue to make my opinion known – whether it’s popular or not popular.

“I think we have to put women and children first when they are fleeing from a war-torn country. There has to be checks and balances to ensure that we don’t repeat mistakes of early 1990s when people came into Ireland and Europe under refugee status and it turned out that some of them were working for Taliban cells, in the area of financing, and for various other organisations associated with terrorism.
“We can’t have a repeat of history, of the things that Europe got wrong.”

At least two of those involved in the deadly 2015 Paris Attacks are thought to have posed as refugees to enter Europe through Greece, while three other individuals were refugees or asylum seekers at the time of attack. Seven were in the country of France illegally or awaiting deportation.

People Before Profit Cork condemned O’Flynn’s comments and called on the city council to suspend him while “investigating his hostility towards refugees”.

Europol has noted a significant increase in arrests for suspected jihadist terror offences in Ireland in 2020, tripling from the year before.


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