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Communist China: The Heir to the Soviet Union

Remembering Tiananmen 30 Years After: Illustration Credit: Daniel Arrhakis on Flickr under CC licence

In 1983, US President Ronald Reagan was recorded as first using the phrase “Evil Empire” to describe the USSR. In doing so, the Cold War Warrior focused the minds of America and the West on defeating the totalitarian regime in Moscow. This phrase was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, rolling back the Iron Curtain so infamously described by Winston Churchill. Fast forward to the present day, and an heir to the Evil Empire has arisen almost from the ashes of the USSR: Communist China. The Chinese Communist Party has learned from the mistakes of the Soviet Union, and adopted a more covert course of action to achieve what Stalin could only have dreamed of – Communist domination of the world. At the time of writing, the world is not even aware of the de facto Cold War we find ourselves in.

In place of the Iron Curtain, is now the growing Curtain of Chinese Communism which has essentially annexed Hong Kong and threatens Taiwan ever more, day by day. The CCP have spread their influence and acquired leverage across the world. Be it stockpiling billions in American debt, or becoming aid partners in Africa, or offering lucrative economic opportunities to unprincipled Westerners, the CCP is playing a smarter game than the Soviets. During the Cold War, you were on one of two sides: (1) America’s or (2) the Soviets’. Today, the conversation and “side” on China ranges from wilfully ignorant, to knowingly complicit, to a little critical, to Trump. The unity of purpose and shared common enemy that bound free nations together during the Cold War has not yet materialised in this Second Cold War, thanks in no small part to China’s infiltration of Western society.

Many have compared the rhetoric of President Trump towards China, to that of ‘Cold War Warrior’ President Reagan who won the Cold War. This in my opinion is a wrongful comparison. I think President Trump’s rhetoric and focusing of minds on China is much more reminiscent of Churchill’s forecast of the rising threat in the East. The struggle between America and China has only just begun, and it may take as long – if not longer – for freedom to prevail.

Perhaps what is quite striking about the present situation is that the abuses of the CCP and their overreach has been anything but discreet. In fact it occurs whilst Western Nations look on, content with a slice of the Chinese pie as it were. This is far too reminiscent of decades gone by when evil was allowed to ascend unchecked, whilst free nations looked on and did nothing.

At the time of writing, at least 1 million Uighur Muslims are imprisoned in more than 85 Chinese concentration camps. Uighur women are raped, sterilised and forced to abort their children. Devout members of the community are force fed pork, pious men are banned from growing a beard, and religious women banned from wearing veils – whilst mosques are demolished. Prisoners are made to sit on hard stools for the vast majority of the day, not allowed to speak and not allowed to move. Movement incurs punishment, which can range from rape, to beatings, to hours in stress positions. Women are drugged, everyone beaten, and the eradication of the Uighur people underway – all in the name of re-education.

Indeed, what we are witnessing before our very eyes is a targeted policy of genocide. Through combined policies of sterilisation, forced abortions and IUDs, the CCP are driving the Uighur population towards extinction. The statistics speak for themselves, as published in the Associated Press on behalf of Chinese scholar Adrian Zenz:

“The result of the birth control campaign is a climate of terror around having children, as seen in interview after interview. Birth rates in the mostly Uighur regions of Hotan and Kashgar plunged by more than 60% from 2015 to 2018, the latest year available in government statistics. Across the Xinjiang region, birth rates continue to plummet, falling nearly 24% last year alone — compared to just 4.2% nationwide, statistics show.”

How can this be construed or regarded in any other fashion than a targeted policy of genocide? The response of many Western nations has been quite frankly appalling. Many have handed off the issue to the UN, much like the weak League of Nations was charged with checking Hitler and Mussolini. Too many nations have refused to recognise the occurrence of the Armenian genocide, too many again are refusing to recognise the Uighur genocide occurring. In fact, Disney made a blockbuster movie in the area where this genocide is being perpetrated and then thanked the CCP for letting them use the area. What hope have the Uighurs if certain elements of the West are more content to profit off of genocide than stop one?

In Hong Kong, the CCP have usurped the fledgling democracy and begun their well-oiled practice of suppression. Leaders of the Hong Kong protestors are being extradited to the Chinese mainland as we speak – many of whom we will never see again I fear. Greater police powers are being enacted to curtail dissent, as the icy grip of the CCP threatens to snuff out the desire for freedom burning brightly inside the young people of Hong Kong. Thank goodness, Britain and America have stepped up to the plate to support the embattled people of Hong Kong through visas and political pressure. Unfortunately, for the great majority of Hong Kong, the new total authority in their lives is the CCP. The Jewish State of Israel is regularly attacked, libelled and slurred on account of the actions of Palestinian terrorists seeking to destroy the Jewish State. The CCP exterminate Muslims and annex foreign territories like Hong Kong, and the world just holds out their hands asking for more like a character out of Oliver Twist.

What I have touched upon in this piece, is but the brink of the iceberg. As Western Nations fight internal strife and feud, the CCP arises – united not by consent, but by force and fear. Their leverage, power and political capital in the West is perhaps unprecedented for such an evil entity. This Heir to the Soviet Empire has arisen as the West has faltered, and faces little consequences for its transgressions. The first check on their power, was then-candidate Trump fixing the CCP in the cross-hairs and standing up to their evil. However, Trump at this time is Churchill not Reagan and we are at the beginning of the war not the end of it. To defeat the CCP, what must be achieved is a recognition and consensus across the West that the CCP are a common enemy – not a faulted ally. Until such a time, the people of Hong Kong and the Uighur Muslims are left at the mercy of a genocidal communist regime.

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