Colm Meaney: The resistance of the few

“It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, historian, former prisoner of the Soviet Gulag


An interesting reply was sent about one of my recent pieces, for which I am grateful. The reply is too long to include here, but I hope to excerpt from it in ways that are true to its author’s intent.

My original article was on the topic of our responses to authorities (parents, government, health officials, police, and so on), and that blind obedience to any of their dictates was a dangerous path to tread. Far better to think carefully, weigh the pros and cons, consult alternative sources (far from the mainstream media) and then to decide how to respond. And the response may turn out to be grudging compliance if the dictates are judged to be valid; but it could also be a principled refusal to comply. “Defy, do not comply,” as I suggested in one of my earliest articles, could be an apt slogan for our minority stance since the Dark Ages began anew in March 2020.

My interlocutor’s reply referred to Covid using the phrase  “pandemic to be managed”. Now, as far as I am concerned, using such words means that you have already lost the game, because it signals that you are playing according to their rules. It confirms on the entire “pandemic” story a validity it does not deserve or warrant. There never was a pandemic of a killer disease: there definitely was a global-sponsored, media-generated pandemic of fear-mongering, false statistics, and mind-control. After the word Covid, the word pandemic should always be used with some qualifier: either inverted commas, or “so-called”, or some of the other alternatives favoured by critical voices: scamdemic, plandemic (but these last may not be publishable). Just do not accept the words Covid pandemic at face value.

I think it’s imperative to realise that our so-called “leaders” (politicians, health voices, etc), are simply reading the script that has been presented to them; and we often heard verbatim statements from officials in different countries or even continents. They are certainly guilty of spreading widespread misery, but only as empty echo-chambers of their globalist masters. Since 2020 it’s as if we have been the victims of a series of con artists or charlatans; the sombre faces are just one aspect of the make-up, and even these disappear when they think the cameras are no longer recording.

Now usually watching a magician at work can be very entertaining. You know there’s trickery at work, but the conjurer’s skill is so precise, the props so expertly placed, that you cannot fathom how the person placed in the contraption on the stage emerges unscathed, after solid razor-sharp blades have apparently sliced the body in half. Or how, from an ostensibly empty top hat, the illusionist produces a cuddly white rabbit. People who go to watch a magician perform are happy to suspend disbelief and let themselves be entertained – it’s all harmless fun.

But tricksters are not always harmless, even if they can be unintentionally entertaining, in a black humour sort of way. That’s exactly what we have been suffering from since March 2020. Since that time, we have witnessed a most elaborate scheme of actual global chicanery – often with deadly consequences. Make no mistake, the machinations we have endured for the past three years have been anything but entertaining.

In the bible, the prophet Jeremiah complained that God had tricked him: “You duped me Lord, and I let myself be duped” (Jer. 20:7). Jeremiah had something of a penchant for giving out, even to the Almighty. To my mind however, being duped by God would rank as an achievement, a mark of respect. To think that the Creator of absolutely everything would have any interest in a mere mortal, or would go to the trouble of deceiving him/her – well that strikes me as exceptionally memorable. How very different from Adam & Eve who were duped by a mere serpent! So divine duping is fine, seeing that it is not, of course, malicious, but is in the service of the larger heavenly mission, of which Jeremiah was a mighty proponent, and who, incidentally, suffered greatly because of his dedication.

But to be duped by the World Economic Forum (WEF), similar groups of entirely unelected individuals, and the media? Well, that is certainly something of an embarrassment; it is really something to be ashamed of; a mark, if not of disgrace, at least of extreme carelessness. I wouldn’t mind being bested by God, or even by human agents of superior intelligence or culture or sensibility. But to be fooled by our current trouble-makers?

Earlier, my respondent had said that it was time to put our respective regrets about the Covid measures behind us. Yet suggesting this seems to me to vastly underestimate the effects of such measures. The Covid thing was a perversely successful operation and its consequences will be with us for a long time. True, as he wrote, many can now see that Covid was merely the opportunity to usher in many other worrying agendas (some of which I had mentioned in my article: gender fluidity, the family under threat, nationhood diluted in the name of a global vision, and so forth).

But that is because those Covid measures seriously weakened our societies. So many people have become pliant, apathetic and unhealthily docile to authorities; they don’t seem to realise that what happened, especially in 2020 and 2021, was an assault upon, and abrogation of, what had hitherto been fundamental, unquestioned freedoms. To recap: when you subject people to what amounts to “house arrest”, denying them exercise, fresh air, sunshine; when you limit people’s freedom to travel; when we had to endure the ignominy of check-points in what was formerly a free country; when our shopping bags were checked by gardai, in order to determine if what we had purchased was really “essential” (this move was really scraping the bottom of the absurdity barrel); when one couldn’t question any of the measures because there was no real debate, or one feared for one’s job or reputation – all of this was a concerted campaign to bamboozle, confuse, numb and ultimately demoralise and dishearten people. And thus to pave the way for the next wave of society-threatening agendas.

The threats to our society were exacerbated by the three referendums in the second decade of this century, even if the rot had set in much earlier. But the Covid business was designed to further debilitate the nation, the easier to further the new agenda. My correspondent refers to this dynamic, to weaken so as to more easily subdue, and speaks of a different type of tactic being deployed. To paraphrase: Covid might have been the soft approach, but now we are being bombarded by a military-style onslaught. With this I have no quibble, but when describing the current reality, i.e., the small resistance trying to stand up to the various forces threatening our nation, he mentions “the opponent”, and identifies it as “ourselves”, I think that he mis-states things. He is referring to the bewildered state among those who are trying to resist, and a concurrent lack of cohesion among us. It’s true that the forces arrayed against the behemoth of the new world order are few, but this need not be a cause for disillusionment.

Without a doubt, we who think that this new vision of humanity, society, family, sexuality, etc., is not entirely healthy, are clearly in the vast majority, even if many don’t realise that they are part of the resistance. I think that there are many who have a gut sense or parental concern that, for instance, interfering with childrens’ gender is a worrying road to be going down; but they hesitate to make their voices heard or their opinions known. And it is also true that we are up against powerful forces: powerful, that is, in terms of money and access to media, but in numbers quite few. Yet the fact that our scant resources are not entirely unified need not mean that we don’t have an effect.

Historically, resistance movements have worked more by isolated skirmishes than unified movements. Like the young David, with only his sling and few stones against the almost unassailable Goliath with his apparently invincible armour, we can utilise our few resources to good effect: for example,  this website (Gript), the HTL (Hold The Line) movement across the country, the valiant citizen-journalists asking the questions no mainstream media will broach, the comedians who lampoon the nonsense emanating from the majority of our “leaders”, and so on. All these efforts, even if not coordinated, can succeed in making nice dents in Goliath’s armour. We will never succeed in finally defeating the monster, because the desire to control others is endemic in the hearts of a small number of humans; but we certainly can resist.

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