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Climate summit COP 26 DOUBLES its own carbon footprint 

The UN climate summit in Glasgow for 2021 will double its carbon footprint since its last gathering two years ago, mostly due to emissions from international flights. 

As more than one commentator has said, if they think the planet is on fire, why can’t they meet om Zoom like everyone else, especially when their most public face, Greta Thunberg, says the summit amounts to just more ‘blah blah blah’.

Instead, we had the spectacle of a UN Summit on Climate Doom preparing to preach to the little people by sending the elite special instructions on where to post their private jets. No wonder no-one is listening.

Professional services firm Arup said that the two week summit likely emitted about 102,500 tons of carbon dioxide – which they said was the equivalent of total average annual emissions for more than 8,000 residents of Glasgow.

They found that about 60% of the summit emissions were estimated to come from international flights, while accommodation, policing and transportation also enlarged the carbon footprint.

In fact, the exercise showed that the event was the most carbon-intensive climate conference by the UN yet:  with the 2019 COP25 in Madrid emitting some 51,101 tons of carbon dioxide, while the 2015 COP21 in Paris emitted an estimated 43,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Given that some of the heaviest polluters, like China, are taking no notice anyway, the Summit amounts to little more than hot air. But one where the elites get to have a good time with lavish entertainment before they move onto the next virtue-signalling event.

Spare us the finger-wagging please.

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