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Climate hysterics are an elitist status symbol

Photo Credit: Ext Rebellion under CC licence

Climate hysteria is, at its most basic level, a luxury belief that can be afforded by neurotic, well-to-do westerners. For many of those who are loudest about the green agenda, these beliefs are actually a status symbol.

These climate neurotics are professional virtue signallers who can afford to pay more for energy. Their insistence in making energy more expensive for ordinary people is a status thing. Social proof that they can afford to waste money without a care, and can look down on those who can’t.

Climate millenarianism is an indulgence for a particular type of western mind. A way of showing adherence to a trendy cause, while also signifying an ability to pay an extra surcharge for fuel and energy. Of course, the average prole with a family or a small independent business (say a builder with a truck for instance) worrying about this extra financial drain, is just backward and irresponsible. As for those hicks in the developing world, why do they need a tractor anyway? Haven’t they got spades to drill fields with, and even oxen? There were photos online or something.

Perhaps in a post-Christian age a typical member of the credentialed class still feel a need to pay for a church pew, and so costly climate fretting is as good a way to jostle for social status as any public donation ever was. There is an added incentive for pale-skinned wokesters desperate to get in on the self aggrandising bandwagon that you can be unlimitedly self-righteous on climate change without fear of stepping on the many woke landmines of race, gender and whateverisnewtoday stuff.

Never mind that the hysteria, like all mad prophesies, is completely blind to reality. It gets repeated in creed like affirmations which are resistant to any form of reality check. All over the world we have failed renewable energy programs – see Germany and California for instance. Zero carbon is also, of course, a grand delusion.

The slump in demand for energy and fuels in the past pandemic year has been hailed by these neurotic types. A recent BBC Big Questions program featured several types of elitist quack, from population reducers to Great Reseters, siding with the “covid has been great for the birds and animals and mother earth” side of the argument.

Funny, nobody said it was racist for the white woman and the white presenter to chat about too many black and brown people being born in India and Africa. I guess racism is ok if it’s over there and preferable run by the World Bank or some UN body or an NGO. How NIMBY, how upper-middle class.

Another interesting thing (if you are interested at all in keeping warm at home and keeping the lights on) that popped out recently was a report by the IEF (International Energy Forum) and BCG (Boston Consulting Group) which warned of severe shortages in downstream supply of oil and gas due to lack of investment in upstream operations. Basically, the shock in demand created by the covid economic shutdown has created a volatility in the market which has led extraction companies to cut investment, which will mean reduced supplies when the demand rises. For everyone paying attention this means a very likely major hike in oil prices in the coming years. That means electricity will also spike because despite what the average school child is led to believe, wind and solar do not and cannot supply even one tenth of electricity demands.

For all the green cheerleaders, here’s a reality check, we get more than 80% of the world’s energy from fossil fuels and about 3% from wind and solar. Do you think your EVs are going to run off those lovely windmills? Not even if the country was planted like a porcupine with them.

In the midst of this great delusion, the captain of unity, Joe Biden, panders to the Green elites and throws the oil extraction industry under the bus by shutting down an estimated 11,000 well-paying blue collar jobs in the oil and gas industry. In two executive orders (the Presidential orders that require no approval from Congress) he shut down the XL pipeline and suspended drilling permits on federal lands. America will continue to consume oil and gas, the question is where will they get it from? Don’t be surprised if the world police need to save women and children and other minorities in the Middle East or some part of Africa soon.

Ireland’s elite buffoons are never far behind whatever buffoonery is happening on the globe. Anyone who likes paying extra for every tank they fill, or for keeping the lights on, would be delighted with the Irish political consensus that Irish oil and gas is bad. Note it’s just Irish oil and gas that stinks and should be kept in the ground, but now we will just import the stuff when we need it.

Lowered emissions is attainable of course, and for a much reduced cost, if you go nuclear, but it has some sort of icky industrial look to it so let’s avoid that.

All this virtue-signalling, of course, comes with a price-tag that the poor will struggle to pay – and the numbers of those who are struggling have been added to in this country by the Green rush to shut down our peat industry ahead of time so that we can import peat from Germany.

The really pressing issues facing the world – issues which have been exacerbated by Covid-19 lockdowns – are poverty and hunger, and though climate activists won’t acknowledge this, the affordable energy provided by fossil fuels have helped to lift millions out of poverty. Much of the hysteria about climate emergency ignores the wants and desires of people in the developing world who are just as entitled to the same privileges as the fretful Europeans who would close down industry and progress to in the name of saving the planet.

But that won’t matter to the elites, who’ll tell you they are happy to pay more for the fuel in their SUV or a carbon charge for each of their holidays. The bigger the climate emergency, the more status for those who can afford the hysterics.





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