Chinese local authorities planning 24 new coal plants

Local Chinese authorities have approved 24 new coal power plants this year, making the planned total of new Chinese coal energy production over 100 gigawatts nationwide, according to environmentalist group Greenpeace.

The 24 plants will add up to a total capacity of 5.2 GW, meaning the country’s total planned capacity is set to increase by 104.8 GW, which would be enough to power the entire United Kingdom, the environmentalist activists said.

China, which produces more greenhouse gases than all developed nations in the world combined, previously committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2060.

However, they have said they will not start cutting coal consumption until 2026, and will simply “control” the number of new projects being undertaken.

“‘Control’ doesn’t necessarily mean not approving new coal power plants, so we are still seeing new approvals,” said Beijing-based Greenpeace campaginer Li Danqing.

“The dynamic between the central and local government is still the core problem. That’s why we are advocating that the central government should supervise tightly and carry out specific policies to control the expansion of coal power capacity.”

The Irish government in recent years has gone to great lengths to shut down native coal plants and replaced them with “green” alternatives such as wind power.




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