The director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, Gao Fu, has admitted that the country’s vaccine effectiveness remains low compared to other jabs.

To date, China has developed a total of 5 vaccines, ranging from 50% (below the World Health Organisation’s threshold) to 79% effectiveness.

This compares to the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna jabs, which reportedly have a 90%+ efficacy rate.

Fu said that though some of the vaccines “don’t have very high rates of protection”, he claims that mixing doses and using different combinations of Chinese vaccines can increase their effectiveness.

“Inoculation using vaccines of different technical lines is being considered,” he added.

So far China has exported a large number of their vaccines all around the world, to regions including Europe, Africa, and South America.

China has not authorised any foreign-made vaccines for use within their State.

The Chinese vaccine developers have not yet published any peer-reviewed data for their jab’s medical trials, and much of the data about its effectiveness has not been released to the public.