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China urges Europe to take more action on climate change

China – which is the biggest producer of carbon emissions on earth by far – has urged Europe to take more “positive action” on climate change.

The comments were made by Xie Zhenhua, China’s top climate envoy, while speaking to his German counterpart this week.

“The climate policies of some European countries have shown a ‘backswing’, and it is hoped that this is just a temporary stopgap,” he said, according to a summary of the meeting released by the Chinese environment ministry.

Xie added that “implementation and action” should be the major theme of the upcoming COP27 meeting in Egypt in November. He went on to say that he hoped wealthy countries would honour the Paris Agreement, and transfer $100 billion a year in “climate funds” to poorer countries.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, as reported by Reuters.

Notably China, which has been the biggest contributor to carbon emissions in the world since 2007, emits more CO2 than all other developed countries combined.

China is such an unimaginably large carbon emitter, that there are individual Chinese companies which produce more CO2 than major developed nations.

For example, Chinese oil company Sinopec produces more CO2 than the entire nation of Canada, with a population of 38 million people. Chinese steel company China Baowu produces more CO2 than Belgium and Austria combined, which between them have a total population of 20.4 million.

A report last year found that China is building coal plants faster than the rest of the world can close them, leading to a net global increase in such power stations despite the West’s radical climate targets.

Additionally, it was found last year that China emits more carbon dioxide in 16 days than Australia does in an entire year.

To bring that number closer to home, China produces Ireland’s entire annual emissions every 2 days. When a new year starts, by January 2nd, China has already produced as much as Ireland will for the rest of the year.




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