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BORD GÁIS: Average gas bill to increase by 39% from April

Bord Gáis has announced a huge incoming price hike for electricity and gas bills in the coming month amid the ongoing energy crisis.

According to the company, consumers face a 27% increase in the average electricity bill, and a 39% increase in the average gas bill from April 15th.

This will represent an increase of around €340 per year to the average electricity bill, and €350 per year to an average household gas bill.

These latest increases come after a hike of €540 to these bills since the end of 2020, with electricity prices being raised three times in 2021, and gas prices being raised twice.

In 2020 the average annual electricity bill in Ireland was roughly €1,100. Now, it is around €1,500, with further increases on the horizon. Additionally, around the same time, the average yearly gas bill was around €800. It’s now €1,200 per year.

“We know that today’s announcement is not welcome news,” said Bord Gáis Energy Managing director Dave Kirwan.

“As part of Centrica plc, and with decades of local experience, we will navigate through these unprecedented times with our customers.”

Ireland has been experiencing a cost of living crisis for several months now, with inflation reaching a 21-year high of 5.6% – worse than during the 2008 financial crash.

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