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Biden: USA would defend Taiwan from China if invaded

US President Joe Biden has said that the US would defend China if the superpower invaded the island of Taiwan.

The comments were made this week during an interview with 60 Minutes, in which Biden was asked what he’d like to tell Chinese President Xi about the USA’s commitment to its ally Taiwan.

“We agree with what we signed on to a long time ago,” the Democrat President replied.

“That there’s a One China policy, that Taiwan makes their own judgements about their independence. We’re not encouraging their independence, that’s their decision.”

Asked if US forces would defend the island from Chinese attack, Biden replied: “Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack.”

At this point the interviewer sought to clarify that Biden was talking about engaging China in open warfare over a potential Taiwan invasion.

“So unlike Ukraine, to be clear sir, US forces, US men and women, would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?” asked the CBS interviewer.

“Yes,” replied Biden flatly.

The announcement comes amid ongoing tensions between China and the island of Taiwan, with the Chinese military doing what they call “training exercises” around Taiwanese airspace, pledging more in future.

According to Taiwan’s defence ministry, 17 fighter jets flew across the Taiwan Strait – an unofficial buffer between the two landmasses – raising tensions significantly.

This took place after US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, from Biden’s own party, took an unprecedented trip to Taiwan, which China claims was a provocation encouraging Taiwanese independence.


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