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Biden: “Unlikely” that missile fired into Poland was from Russia

US President Joe Biden has said that it is “unlikely” that the missile which crossed into Polish territory this week was fired from Russia.

Yesterday a missile landed in an area where grain was drying in the Polish village of Przewodow, near the border with Ukraine. The strike reportedly killed two people, with local Foreign Ministry saying that the missile was “Russian-made.” This prompted the Polish government to urgently convene a national security meeting.

Neighbouring country Hungary also followed suit, convening its own defence council, and US President Joe Biden called an emergency meeting of G7 and NATO leaders.

Russia has denied any involvement in the event.

The incident caught headlines in particular because Poland is both an EU member state, and a part of the 30-nation NATO alliance. Any attack on a NATO member could, in theory, result in all other member states coming to that member’s aid militarily – an outcome which could escalate the Ukraine conflict to a global one.

However, the strike appears to have been an accident, with NATO calling the blast a “tragic incident.”

When asked outright by a reporter if he believed Russia was behind the bombing, President Biden said the idea was “unlikely.”

“There is preliminary information which contests that,” he said.

“I don’t want to say that until we completely investigate. But it’s unlikely…that it was fired from Russia.”

On the same day of the attack, Russia launched over 90 missiles and multiple attack drones across Ukraine, mainly seeming to target power facilities and putting large portions of the country into a state of blackout. The vast majority of these were shot down, according to Ukraine’s General Staff.

These blackouts also impacted the neighbouring country of Moldova, which suffered power outages after seeing certain key power lines knocked out.

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