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Australian region: ‘no vaccine, no job’, plus $5,000 fine

The Australian Northern Territory has threatened a fine of $5,000 (€3,200) and instant dismissal from one’s job for anyone working with the public who does not receive the Covid-19 vaccine by November 13th.

The region’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner said there were “patches of concern” for the government in the form of individuals who were refusing the jab.

“Anyone serving the public at work will have to be vaccinated,” said Gunner.

“You work in hospitality – you need to get the jab. Retail or a supermarket – you need to get the jab. If you are behind the counter at a bank or receptionist, you need to get the jab. A barber, hairdresser, beauty therapist – you need to get the jab…if you are a frontline worker in the economy, that means you must be vaccinated.”

Gunner added: “Of course there can be exemptions, but these are extremely narrow, and must be backed up with medical evidence. Simply not wanting the vaccine is not a reason.

“You can’t hold people down and stick a needle in their arm. It is their choice and some are choosing against it.”

He added that by Saturday the 13th of November, if a person has not received at least one dose of the vaccine, “you will not be permitted to attend your workplace in that role, and a failure to comply with the direction is a $5,000 fine.”

“You have 30 days,” he concluded.

Australia’s Northern Territory is over 2000 times the size of Ireland, and to date, over 80% of the region’s adult population has received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The region has seen only 214 Covid cases since the pandemic began and no deaths.

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