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As many as 19 extra TDs will sit in the Dáil after next election

As many as 19 extra TDs are expected to be in the Dáil after the next general election, with electoral maps set to be redrawn.

The government cabinet has moved to increase the total number of TDs based on recommendations from the Electoral Commission, as reported by the this week.

Following this year’s Census, the population of the country has increased, warranting more public representatives in the lower house of the Oireachtas.

According to the Irish constitution, there must be a minimum of one TD for every 20,000 to 30,000 citizens in a constituency.

As a result, the government will seek to add at least 9 extra TDs, and possibly as many as 19.

Currently, Ireland has 160 TDs in total. This change would raise that number to anywhere from 169 to 179.

This will likely require constituencies and electoral maps being redrawn to accommodate the changes.

As Ireland’s population has changed over the years, so has the number of TDs – the first Dáil in 1918 had a mere 105 members.

In 1922, this had grown to 128, and has increased and decreased many times since.

Ireland’s MPs-to-citizens ratio is similar to other EU countries, and is in line with nations like Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Denmark.

Notably, Malta has the most MPs per citizens in the EU, with one public representative for every 6,000 citizens. By contrast, Spain has the biggest disparity, with one MP for every 130,000 citizens.



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