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Anthony Staines: Teachers should have to reveal vaccination status

Zero Covid supporter, Prof. Anthony Staines, has said that teachers and other professions should be forced to reveal their vaccination status.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast this week, the ISAG member was asked by the interviewer if he thought people should be forced to reveal their vaccination status.

“I think they should be very strongly encouraged, and I think in quite a number of situations it should be required,” he said.

When asked if he would include teaching staff in that requirement, he replied: “Yes, I would.

“The legal questions are beyond my knowledge. But in any situation where you have staff who are engaging with a substantial number of members of the public, there is a risk to the staff themselves if they are unvaccinated, because there is a good deal of Covid-19 in the community. And there’s also the risk that they will transfer Covid-19 to customers, students or whomever.”

The interviewer put it to Staines that, considering the fact that virtually all adults have been offered the Covid-19 jab at this point, and children were not at risk from the virus, that there was no harm to be done.

“I think that there’s a practical issue here, which is that children actually do get sick with covid,” he said.

“Very rarely Anthony,” the interviewer shot back.

“They very rarely die or get critically ill,” he said.

“But they not uncommonly have significant symptoms in that they feel miserable for a couple of days. Which is not nice.”



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