C: Alexander Savin (CC BY 2.0 https://bit.ly/3buagvw)

Almost 200 arrests at Extinction Rebellion protest in London

Almost 200 people have been arrested in London for a variety of offences at a protest organised by extremist climate action group Extinction Rebellion.

The protests have been ongoing since Sunday, with climate change protesters blocking roads in London.

Yesterday Extinction Rebellion activists superglued themselves to a large table, and around 30 women formed a human chain around the Oxford Circus area which had previously been cordoned off by police, glueing their hands together to make the chain harder to break. Others lay in the road and padlocked themselves together using steel tubes, all with a goal of making the protest as difficult and inconvenient as possible to break up for the police.

The super glue table, organisers said, represented an invitation to “come to the table” to discuss environmentalism, with chairs were left empty to invite individuals who identify as female, nonbinary or transgender.

After obstructing streets with the demonstration, dozens of these individuals were physically carried to police vans by law enforcement, who used speakers to urge the crowd to disperse or face arrest. To date 196 individuals have been arrested for various offences over the 4 day protest.

Activists targeted the Brazilian embassy, Piccadilly Circus and the Department for International Trade (DIT), giving the latter a mock award for “making an outstandingly awful contribution to climate chang.”

According to protesters, their picketing of the Brazilian embassy was “to show solidarity with indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest.”

Earlier this year one of the group’s founders was arrested by UK police for conspiracy to cause criminal damage after members attacked two London banks.


Also in 2021, the US chapter of Extinction Rebellion dumped over a dozen wheelbarrows of cow manure outside the White House to draw attention to President Joe Biden’s “bullshit” climate policy, which they said was not radical enough.


In 2020 UK counter-terrorism police labelled Extinction Rebellion an “extremist ideology.”




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