An Afghan refugee has been given one year in prison after being caught attempting to distribute 14 fraudulent identity cards to foreign nationals.

Akbar Jafari (35), who has refugee status in Ireland, told Gardaí that he had conspired with a Nigerian man to make 14 false identification documents that he had hoped to give to members of his family back in Afghanistan so they could travel to Europe illegally. He pleaded guilty at the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, and was originally given a fully-suspended two-year sentence by Judge Melanie Greally.

However, the Court of Appeal has just ruled that his original suspended sentence was too lenient, and have now given Jafari two years, with only the second year suspended, on the condition that he enter a bond of good behaviour. In January, the court agreed to allow Jafari to complete an educational court before imposing the sentence on him.

According to Garda Detective Colin Barker, Jafari came to Ireland from Afghanistan in 2007, at which point he was granted refugee status. He told Gardaí that he wanted to help his family get to Europe with the ID cards, and admitted that he had come to Ireland illegally himself.

“I am human and I have a heart,” he said.

According to, Jafari admitted to entering Ireland illegally himself in 2007.