Affirmation Generation: The hard hitting documentary exposing the effects of gender ideology

Affirmation Generation: The Lies of Transgender Medicine is a new and hard hitting look at the stories of six so-called-detransitioners, or people who regret and/or have chosen to reverse their gender transitions.

The documentary also features the voices of a number of medical and mental health care professionals including prominent Irish psychotherapist, Stella O’Malley, who has been outspoken in her criticisms of the ‘gender affirmation’ style of treatment for children and young adults experiencing gender dysphoria.    



Michelle Zacchinga who recently made headlines as the first detransitioner to file a lawsuit against the medics who aided her in accessing cross sex hormones and female to male gender reassignment surgeries also features in the piece. 



Shortly after the film’s release it was reported that the Vimeo account hosting the documentary was cancelled although it has since been restored

Executive producer Joey Brite told the Daily Signal that the documentary had been deplatformed “based on newly constructed hateful narratives that cast truth, science and common sense as enemies of the State.” Adding that there is a need to “move towards conversation and stop fomenting the conflict.”

Many of the detransitioners featured, three females and three males, spoke of the swiftness with which they were given access to cross sex hormones and how those in charge of their care failed to question their claims of being ‘in the wrong body’.

Shockingly, many of those featured said they became aware of the concept of gender identity on social media sites like Tumblr, while in the midst of pre-existing mental health issues. 

A common theme was the slow realisation that the path towards attaining ‘their true identity’ through transition did not in fact alleviate feelings like depression and social anxiety despite some reporting that cross sex hormones initially made them feel “euphoric”. 

Medical professionals spoke of how other mental health co-morbidities such as autism were “overshadowed” by self diagnosis of transgenderism and in some cases allegedly ignored by those in charge of patient care. 

The documentary highlights what it claims is the “social contagion” element to the dramatic increases in the numbers of young people presenting as transgender citing data from 2011 where only 0.1 – 0.3% of the US population identified as trans. 

In 2021, by contrast, the film claims that a survey of 5,000 public school teens revealed that 9% were identified as trans.

The full documentary can be viewed here

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