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80% of those arrested in Swedish capital are children

According to high-ranking Swedish police officer, 80 per cent of suspects arrested in his country’s capital of Stockholm are children under the age of 18, with children as young as 14 being apprehended for gun violence.

Max Åkerwall is deputy commander for firearm violence with Stockholm police, and described the situation this week to Swedish newspaper Expressen.

“Of those who have now been detained in the Stockholm region, about 80 per cent are under the age of 18,” Åkerwall said.

“Previously, the suspects were 20 to 25 years old. In 2022 we have seen that age creeping down and down. Now we see that they are 14 to 17 when they commit these crimes.”

Åkerwal added that there are roughly 1,500 known gangsters in Stockholm, and that many of these are children under 18.

According to Fredrik Gårdareadded, a Swedish gang expert, criminals within the country have recruited younger and younger members in recent years, knowing that historically authorities gave minors much lighter penalties for violent crimes than they would to adults.

“More and more younger people are in custody, which is a change in recent years,” said Gårdareadded.

“Previously, there were lighter penalties for children and teenagers, but this has changed.”

He added: “Having younger people locked up is a concern in itself. It is a difficult task for the authorities to handle. Our justice system is not built for so many children to be involved in crime,” he said.

The statements come in the wake of several weeks of gang-related shootings and bombings in the Stockholm region, including the murder of locally-infamous “Death Patrol” gang member Mehdi Sachit, who was shot dead on Christmas day.

Since that incident, there have been nine other serious incidents in Stockholm, including two bombings of an apartment complex, which led to 5 arrests, reportedly including a locally-famous rapper.

The target of one of the bombings is believed to be Swedish-Somali rapper Abas Abdikarim Bakar, a.k.a. 1.Cuz.

Explosions and grenade attacks by criminal gangs have become a near-weekly occurrence in Sweden in recent years, with 2019 seeing as many as 100 such incidents.





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