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5 crazy Irish house offers that highlight the extent of the crisis

Ireland’s decade-long housing crisis has featured prominently in the news lately, as the problem, which was already severe, continues to spiral out of control.

This week a clip went viral, amassing tens of thousands of views, showing dozens of people queuing to view a rental property in Cabra, Dublin, highlighting the extent of the problem.

Union representatives have also said that student accommodation shortage is the “worst it has ever been,” with students taking out loans and deferring courses due to the lack of accommodation available.

In light of all this, it’s worth looking at five of the craziest Irish accommodation options on offer in recent months.

1. Dublin apartment only available four nights a week

One Twitter users’ post went viral this week after sharing a screenshot of an apartment listing in Islandbridge, Dublin 8.

The one bedroom, one bathroom apartment is on offer for €2,500 a month, but with an added catch: it’s only available four nights a week.

“Complete apartment available Thursday to Monday weekly only for perm tenant,” the listing reads.

“…Landlord requires use of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Don’t email if this doesn’t suit. If you email for long term let and haven’t read this you will be ignored.”

The ad concludes for emphasis: “Price based on 4 nights per week ONLY.”

This would mean that the apartment would only be available to a tenant for 12 days a month.

“Surely I’m not reading this right…” the social media user wrote, in a tweet which has since received almost 2,000 likes in three days.

She added that, based on the monthly price, the apartment costs €156 per day that the tenant would actually get to stay there.

While the listing was once on, it appears to have been deleted at some point in the last few days.

2. “€900 a month to live in a shed”

Earlier this year, a tweet by Irish Examiner Business Reporter Cáit Caden showed a property available to rent for €900 a month.

“Daft is right,” she wrote. “€900 a month to live in a shed.”

The “1 bedroom, 1 bathroom” property in Knockbrown, Bandon, Co. Cork appears to have been deleted since, but was up at least as recently as April of this year, and was archived before being taken down.

“One bedroom luxury apartment,” the listing reads. “Brand new with new furniture. 7 min drive to Bandon, 15 min drive to Clonakilty, 30 min drive to Cork. No smokers, no pets. Call to arrange viewing.”

3. €2,400 a month to live in a mobile home

Back in May of this year, Ciara O’Loughlin – a journalist at the – tweeted a photo of a rental property advertised for €2,400 a month in Beach View Caravan Park in Donabate, Co. Dublin.

“All of our mobile home rental packages come with double glazing, central heating, decking shed and fencing on a private garden in our gated community,” the description reads.

“We have several rental packages available that start from 2,400 per month…What’s required: Two months’ rent upfront plus a deposit.”

“Two things – where’s the beach view and where’s the apartment,” joked one user, reacting to the ad.

Some social media users pointed out that this property is listed in Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien’s constituency of Dublin North.

4. €4,200 a month for a house you can only access less than 5 days a week

Located on Earl Street South in Dublin 8, this 5 bedroom property is admittedly nice – if you can get over the €4,200 a month price tag, which doesn’t include bills or utilities.

What might be harder to get over is the fact that you have access to it less than five days a week.

As the listing reads:

“ONLY AVAILABLE: Sunday from 14.00 to Friday 10.00 weekly. Recently renovated stylish five-bedroom house. Centrally located in the city centre. The house comprises five bedrooms (seven beds), a modern kitchen, living room and private patio area. The house is only available to prospective tenants between Sunday from 14.00 to Friday at 10.00 weekly. Please only apply if this is suitable for your rental needs. The monthly rent is 4200 in advance, and one month’s rent is required as a deposit. (Bills not included).”

It’s since been deleted, but someone archived a listing which was up as recently as August 26th of this year.

5. “€2,500 a month to live in this dump of a mobile home”

On Twitter one user drew attention to a property advertised on Facebook Marketplace, which he described as a “dump.”

The “2 bed mobile home” property, which is listed for €2,500 a month, is, well…less-than-stellar.

In response one user simply posted a joking gif of their “hopes and dreams” being crushed in a hydraulic press.




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