23-year old Italian woman accidentally given 6 doses of Pfizer jab in medical error

A 23-year-old Italian woman is currently under medical observation in a hospital in Tuscany after receiving 6 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine – 6 times more than the intended dosage.

The woman was given the equivalent of six vaccine doses after the nurse accidentally injected the entire vial into her arm. As reported by the hospital in a press release, the woman “was inoculated with an entire vial of vaccine”.

The patient is reported to be in good condition after being given paracetamol and fluids, according to Italian media.

According to Italian news site AGI, previous studies into Pfizer vaccine overdoses were limited to four doses.

Additionally, overdoses of the Pfizer jab have been reported in the US, Israel, Germany and Australia – notably, in the US State of Iowa, 77 prison inmates received Pfizer jab overdoses from prison staff – allegedly up to six times the normal dosage.

The event has been reported to Italy’s medicine regulator, AIFA, for further review.

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