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New Irish political party wants EU superstate, European army

A new political party in Ireland is calling for the EU to be made into a superstate, complete with its own government, army and constitution, and plans to run in the next election.

VoltEuropa, which was established in Hamburg, Germany in 2018, is a pan-European party with factions and chapters across numerous EU member states – most recently, Ireland.

The party’s self-stated primary goal is the creation of a “united, federal Europe,” and a “European government,” led by a “European prime minister” and “European President.” Moreover, European countries that currently have seats on the UN security council would have their seats merged into one, single, European seat.

In other words, the goal is to form a United States of Europe.

To achieve this, they say there are referenda needed across the continent which would transform all the separate peoples of Europe into one – so rather than being French, or German, or Irish, or Italian, we would all simply be “Europeans.”

As stated on the party’s website:

“The creation of a (sovereign) European people requires the integration of today’s separate peoples of the Member States into one. This integration requires a wilful act of each of these peoples to join a (to-be-created) European people, e.g. respective referenda.

With the execution of this act, democratic sovereignty is shifted from the peoples of the Member States to the (one) European People. Once the European People is established, it can, by way of another wilful act, give itself a European Constitution by which it establishes a sovereign European (federal) State.”

This would result in countries like Ireland becoming “non-sovereign federated states,” the group says, similar to states in the USA, like Texas or California.

Additionally, the group says:

“We must also reform the parliamentary system and remove the need for unanimous decisions that presently often blocks the Union’s actions.”

In other words, decisions can be made over the heads of smaller countries by the majority of member-states even if the less powerful states vote against the motion.

This European superstate would have its own armed forces, and the party discusses the importance of developing “a European military culture and identity,” along with a “European Defence Force” (or EDF) that would cooperate with NATO.

“We can already start rationalising procurement of new [weapons] systems,” the group said.

“Once a European Army has been established, the EDA [European Defence Agency] would function as the EU procurement agency.”

Policies on the party’s platform include legislation on the sale and production of “insect-derived food” to save the planet, “particularly insect-based flour/powder and a sustainable source of proteins.”

They also call for legislation surrounding what they call “clean-meat” – that is to say, in their own words, “lab-grown, in vitro or cultured meat.”

The party seems particularly concerned with the Black Lives Matter movement, arguing that the fact that there are so few MEPs of African descent is a “symptom of and a contributor to systemic racism across the continent.”

Around 1-2% of Europe’s population is of African descent, making it statistically unlikely that many from that demographic would be elected. No evidence was provided by Volt for the notion that “systemic racism” in Europe is the reason why more African candidates are not elected.

Nevertheless, the party calls to “Train judges, magistrates and other civil servants to recognize and address implicit biases towards minorities.”

This amounts to taking the unproven premise that racism towards minorities is rampant in Europe, and Volt would essentially order the courts to be less neutral when dealing with minorities because of this unfounded claim. It would deliberately inject more bias into the judicial system.

The party holds all the views of your standard liberal or progressive party – from gender quotas on company boards, to taxpayer-funded transgender surgeries, to non-binary gender pronouns on official documents and liberal migration policies, the group’s social views are what you’d expect from a modern liberal party.

It even advocates for an EU-wide carbon tax, legalising prostitution and euthanasia, decriminalising all drugs, and undertaking “large scale UBI (Universal basic income) pilot programs.”

The party’s youth wing has already held an LGBTQI+ themed climate protest outside the Dáil.

Volt says that it intends to field candidates at the next Irish election, and is in the process of being established as a political party.

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