A fully-vaccinated Melbourne couple who have tested negative for covid-19 multiple times have been forcibly quarantined away from their newborn baby boy for a week and have yet to hold or hug him.

Moe Haider and his heavily pregnant wife Sarah were in Mandatory Hotel Quarantine in Brisbane, Queensland on May 29th, when Sarah was suddenly told she needed an emergency C-section and was rushed to hospital to give birth 10 weeks early.

According to Moe, he applied for an exemption to go with his wife on the same day and be with her during the birthing process. However, it was only granted on Wednesday, the day after she had been forced to give birth alone.

The baby boy, Ilyas – now a week old – is reportedly being kept in the neonatal intensive care unit, and his parents have not held, hugged or touched him, despite both parents being vaccinated and having tested negative for covid multiple times.

“Neither of us has held him,” Moe said on 3AW today.

“We’re lost for words at this point. We haven’t held him…I still don’t understand why.”

“You start questioning a lot of things…she just told me she was crying the whole time. You start questioning a lot.”
He went on to describe the distress his wife was experiencing.

“It’s heartbreaking, I sit with my wife daily and she breaks down to me every day, and if she talks about it to someone, she’s in tears,” Moe told 7NEWS.

“No one’s first experience with any child, yet their firstborn, should be like this. No words can describe what we’re going through.”

The couple’s quarantine period is due to end today, which could be the earliest the parents are able to see their son.

Queensland’s health service has said it is doing everything it can “to ensure the health and safety of our community” and that its patients are being “cared for at the highest level”.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the measures were necessary last week.

“We know that the majority of positive cases around the country have come from people who have travelled from overseas,” she said.

“We can’t afford to take risks.”