One of the cardinal rules of hate speech laws is that they do not apply to our friends on the left.

The left, you see, is incapable of hate. It is loving, and kind, and filled with compassion and sensitivity and a burning desire to do good. When a left-wing activist denounces somebody, they are speaking from the heart, motivated only by the common good, and a desire to highlight injustice.

On the other hand, when an ordinary person, especially one who opposes left wing policy, says something unpleasant, it is likely that they are motivated by hate and rage and must therefore be held accountable by the law.

And so it was that last week Minister Flanagan, who is responsible both for justice and law in the land, met with a bunch of people campaigning for hate speech laws. Prominent amongst them was one Brandon Arrey, a successful athlete:

Mr. Arrey was born in Cameroon, but now considers himself both Irish, and an advocate for laws against hate speech.

Unfortunately, Mr. Arrey has quite the record of hate speech himself. Apologies in advance for the language:


Nice fella, all the same.

Having been challenged about these remarks, Mr. Arrey has since deleted his twitter account.

As of yet, none of our colleagues in the rest of the Irish media appear to have noticed the embarrassing story of the Minister for Justice launching his push for hate speech laws alongside somebody with a record like this. Which is surely an honest oversight, right?

Minister Flanagan has opened a consultation, inviting the public for comments on his hate speech law.

That consultation can be accessed here. It is very short and has only five questions. I filled it out in less than five minutes.

I would strongly suggest that everyone else does, as well.